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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yard Sale for Shipping Costs

This picture represents just a small fraction of the items donated for the garage sale. This was a few hours into it and we had just consolidated what was left. It was a very long day, but well worth our joint efforts. THANK YOU so much to those who donated. We had a huge amount of clothes, toys, and books.

The crowds came in spurts and there were other garage sales in the area, so that was an added draw. Chad and Amanda were up and at 'em and thanks to the posters they placed and numerous ads/updates on Craigslist lots of folks made their way over to the sale.

Some of our "big ticket" items were a set of Lexus rims, a beautiful cherry sleigh toddler bed w/mattress and other baby gear such as a jumperoo carseat and play pen. A 27" TV and Stereo were also high sellers. High priced items such as a remote control B-2 bomber plane and a framed Thomas Kinkade print are being sold on eBay. We raised just over $700 and hope to earn another $100-$200 with the eBay items. All remaining items were donated to Round Rock Volunteer Center as suggested by a garage sale go-er.

While that sounds like a large amount of money (and it is) but everyday our list is getting longer. Shipping costs to over 100 children will average between $15-$20 per box. Our toy donation drive has been off to a very slow start. We appreciate every dollar donated and promise to stretch it as far as we can to make these children smile! On Saturday Nov. 20th Amanda got permission from Storm's Drive-In in Lampasas to collect toys at their location from 11AM-2PM. We have high hopes people will give as much as they can so that we fill these boxes to deliver joy on Christmas.

Many, many thanks to all who donated their "stuff", time and energy/efforts! We couldn't do it without your support! ~Sarah

Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Understand an Angel

Caeden Garcia's Mom Michelle, wrote the following poem in memory of their friend Chase, who a year ago today earned his angel wings at the age of two. Her poem is beautiful and a testament to the strong bond created between families affected by childhood cancer.

Fly high in heaven sweet Chase.

To Understand an Angel

God sends down angels,
the sweetest ones, its true.
they only have a little while,
yet they have so much to do.

Angels come to guide us,
to help us find our way.
they teach us how to live and love,
how to cherish every day.

The thing about Angels,
and it has to be this way..
they all return home above,
none of them can stay.

When their time with us must end,
the lord will call them home.
they will leave in happiness,
knowing, they'll never be alone.

If you are blessed to have an angel,
with the lord in heaven above,
you will always feel his warmth,
and find comfort in his love.

A little piece of this angel,
will always be in your heart.
neither time nor distance
can break that bond apart.

All Angels must return to heaven.
they need to spread their wings,
It hurts that we may not see them,
but they keep watch of Earthly things.

So do not be afraid,
and do not feel alone,
your angel is not gone,
he simply returned home.

When an angel must leave our world,
many sad will be left behind,
so until the day we meet again, remember..
good angels are hard to find

Monday, October 18, 2010

Christmas 2010- Kimberly's Hope

Kimberly Shaw was a wonderful mother, daughter and friend. At just 25 years old she touched so many lives! She always had faith and hope in miracles. Kimberly was one of our biggest supporters. Last Christmas she gave a large donation, even though she was struggling with chemo, bills and fighting her own cancer. She believed that these kids deserved more than we could give them. She believed in us.

To honor Kimberly, the fight she fought and the love she shared; we will be starting a new program this Christmas called "Kimberly's Hope" -

Kimberly's Hope is a program where volunteers (just like you) can request to "adopt" a little fighter for Christmas by using the contact us page on the website (www.battle4acure.org). You will get all of the info about your child so you can send them a Hope Box too.

*All gifts have to be age appropriate by the age on the box of the toy (Ages 3+, etc).
*We request that you only send new toys to the children and that you wrap each gift in the box separately. This makes it more exciting for the children!
*You will need to ship your Hope Box to your child by December 5, 2010.
*If you are unable to fulfill your promise to send a box please contact us immediately.

In Loving Memory of Kimberly Shaw
Kimberly earned her angel wings on August 27, 2010. She was 25 years old. She won her final battle and beat us all Home. She left behind a 1 year old son named Barrett. We are happy for her but heartbroken at the same time. To say she will be missed is a huge understatement. She is loved and treasured. We will never forget her, the love she shared or the lives she changed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For updated information please visit www.battle4acure.org