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Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Understand an Angel

Caeden Garcia's Mom Michelle, wrote the following poem in memory of their friend Chase, who a year ago today earned his angel wings at the age of two. Her poem is beautiful and a testament to the strong bond created between families affected by childhood cancer.

Fly high in heaven sweet Chase.

To Understand an Angel

God sends down angels,
the sweetest ones, its true.
they only have a little while,
yet they have so much to do.

Angels come to guide us,
to help us find our way.
they teach us how to live and love,
how to cherish every day.

The thing about Angels,
and it has to be this way..
they all return home above,
none of them can stay.

When their time with us must end,
the lord will call them home.
they will leave in happiness,
knowing, they'll never be alone.

If you are blessed to have an angel,
with the lord in heaven above,
you will always feel his warmth,
and find comfort in his love.

A little piece of this angel,
will always be in your heart.
neither time nor distance
can break that bond apart.

All Angels must return to heaven.
they need to spread their wings,
It hurts that we may not see them,
but they keep watch of Earthly things.

So do not be afraid,
and do not feel alone,
your angel is not gone,
he simply returned home.

When an angel must leave our world,
many sad will be left behind,
so until the day we meet again, remember..
good angels are hard to find

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