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Monday, January 24, 2011

Upcoming and Current Events

Right now our Kimberly's Hope Valentine's Day program is in full swing! You can 'adopt' a little fighter for Valentine's Day and send them a card and a small gift (teddy bear, book, etc.).

You can also sign your little fighter up for our Kimberly's Hope program so they can be adopted throughout the year! Contact Mariesha with your child's name, age, address and sibling information to sign up.
Please contact Mariesha at fightcancer@battle4acure.org to 'adopt' a fighter or to sign up your little fighter!

Our Sewing for a Cure project is also in full swing! We are taking donations of cotton fabric to be sewn into handmade quilts to auction off on our facebook page. Our goal is to raise the remaining money we need to file our 501(c)(3) paperwork. Each adult quilt will start at $100 and each child's quilt will start at $50. We hope to have the first group of ten up for auction before Valentine's Day. This deadline depends on how many fabric donations we receive over the next week. If you would like to donate fabric or have questions about this project please email Mariesha at mars@battle4acure.org

AUSTIN, TEXAS: We are also in the beginning stages of planning our Spring Yard Sale! Our Winter Yard Sale raised over $700 for toys and shipping! We are hoping our Spring Yard Sale will bring in even more funds for our shipping costs and toy costs!
To Donate items for the Yard Sale please contact Amanda at amanda@battle4acure.org or Sarah at sarah@battle4acure.org. We are accepting any and all items!

Date is TBD. We'll post as soon as we have something set!

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Mindy said...

I have a bunch of clothes I have already bagged up I was going to give to good will, I will hold on to them for the yard sale !