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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why is it called "Kimberly's Hope"

Since we have expanded our Kimberly's Hope program beyond Christmas, we have had quite a few volunteers contact us wanting to know "Who in the world is Kimberly?"
I'm very excited to share this with you:

Kimberly Shaw was a sister, a daughter, a mother, a friend and a cancer fighter. She was an incredible person!
At just 25 years old she touched so many lives! Everywhere she went she shared the love of God and she told everyone she met that she refused to give up hope because she knew with all of her heart that God was going to give her a miracle.

She believed in our program and she was one of our biggest supporters. Her HOPE was to give love and smiles to all of the children fighting cancer. She wanted to extend the love that people had shown to her during her fight with cancer to the littlest fighters of all. She cared deeply for all of the children that she met through us.

To say that Kimberly will be missed is an understatement. We think about her every minute of every day; she's in every song, every butterfly, every whisper of wind on a sunny day.
She will never be forgotten and we know that she is in heaven, surrounded by tons of children, smiling down on all of us and the love that has been given in her name!

I know that she has been on the welcoming committee of all of the children that have earned their angel wings since her passing. She was an outstanding mother to her 1 year old son Barrett, and we know without a doubt that she carried that love and compassion for children on to the next life.

Kimberly earned her angel wings on August 27, 2010. She lives FOREVER in our hearts.

Please continue to keep Kimberly's son, Barrett, in your thoughts and prayers.


Artastics said...

How very beautiful and courageous dear Kimberly was to share her love and faith..Prayers for her family, especially her beautiful Son.

Allison Zoie said...

How exceptionally lovely and gallant dear Kimberly was to offer her adore and faith..prayers for her family, particularly her lovely Son raise money for film .